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We make sourcing your industry’s top candidates simple, efficient, and affordable—without sacrificing service.

Get Your Next Hire Sourced From the Mass Market & Delivered Straight to Your Desk.
We get it—sometimes, companies want to handle their own recruiting. But that doesn’t mean you have time to comb the market, reach out to thousands of prospects, and find your “needle in a haystack” hire.

With our Sourcing Services, we track down resumes that meet your requirements—so you can get the best applications on your desk without having to:

  • Post to a generic job board
  • Drown in a list of misaligned candidates chosen by keywords
  • Waste your valuable time rifling through resumes
While resume robots look for keywords—we look for contenders.

Our sourcing approach goes beyond the jargon to find candidates with verified experience that match your mission and goals.

Our Resume Sourcing Process

Like everything else we do, our sourcing process is simple and straightforward. In fact, your ideal candidate could be just 3 easy steps away:

  1. Fill out our sourcing application to tell us who you’re looking for.
  2. Set up a call with a top-notch, highly experienced recruiter.
  3. Get qualified resumes in your inbox.
The hiring process can feel overwhelming, even for the most successful companies. With Churchill Fox, it takes less than 3 minutes to get in touch with a top recruiter.

Reach out to us today and get on the straightforward, no-fluff path to finding premium prospects to fill your position.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does sourcing include?

Sourcing is all about finding resumes that match your needs. Further vetting is available under our recruiting services. Learn more about those here.

What’s the turnaround time?
We work with your schedule. Typically, we can provide an initial batch of resumes within 1-3 days.