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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there any upfront cost?
No. You don’t pay until we place, so there’s no retainer fee or upfront cost for hiring. In cases where you don’t need end-to-end recruiting support, researching and sourcing services can be booked separately and are billed hourly.
Are the candidates fully vetted?
Yes. When you request our recruiting services, all candidates are fully vetted. This includes initial phone screens, salary and compensation expectations, technical interviews, references upon request, continued engagement throughout the entire hiring process, and offer negotiations.
How many candidates will we get?
It depends on the market. Our job is to find you the most qualified candidates possible. Whether that means 3, 5, or 15 depends on what your market looks like. We’ll always work with any metrics you provide, and we’ll be sure to let you know why we selected the number we did.
How long does it take to find candidates?
It depends on the level of the search, the complexity of your requested skillset, and market availability of candidates. Typically speaking, we’ll provide you with highly qualified candidates in 2-4 business days.
What if we have a hiring agreement with another staffing firm?
More power to you. We believe you should hire on your own terms. We’re more than happy to put our recruiters up against anyone else in the market and prove why we’re the best.
How is the fee paid?
You only pay when we place, so the fee is contingent upon a successful placement and start of a candidate.