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Get the recruiting support your company needs to grow—without the frustration of overloaded job boards or the expense of typical staffing agencies.

Saving You Time, Money, & Hassle With Cutting Edge Direct-to-Recruiter Service

The recruiting industry has become much more complex than necessary, putting companies in a gridlock when it comes to finding talent. Churchill Fox was founded to simplify the hiring process and meet the needs of booming businesses like yours.

With our Direct-to-Recruiter model, we’ve become the go-to agency for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and fast-growing businesses in a wide variety of markets. As valued partners, we also provide sourcing and research services, so you can be confident when starting your in-house recruiting.

Meet the Founder

Churchill Fox Founder Christopher Tuma was growing his own recruiting career, supporting A-list companies like Apple, Tesla, Google, and Starbucks…

…When he realized—there was no reason why hiring needed to be THIS convoluted. He saw:

  • How much it cost businesses when they made the wrong hire
  • How complicated most agencies made the recruitment process
  • How well-known staffing agencies with star recruiters struggled to support clients because of interference from inefficient salespeople.

…And he knew there had to be a better way.

Christopher realized most of the problems in the recruiting industry could be solved by cutting out salespeople and instead, providing clients with a direct line to top recruiters.

No job boards, lower fees, and no cumbersome processes required.

With this philosophy in mind, Christopher founded Churchill Fox—the first and only Direct-to-Recruiter service for thriving companies who want a more efficient, effective, and common-sense approach to hiring.

Today, Churchill Fox has revolutionized the recruiting industry. Christopher and the Churchill Fox team are excited for the opportunity to continue supporting entrepreneurs with their signature streamlined hiring approach.

“Christopher is an excellent business partner. His overall knowledge of business combined with his understanding of different industries, company structures, and the roles within them is impressive. His network is extensive and he is able to present qualified talent very quickly. I have worked with him to place roles with multiple companies requiring all levels of experience and he has always come through. He is a consummate professional and I would highly recommend him.”

– Stephanie Helfer – Head of Expert Acquisition at

“For nearly a decade, Christopher has been an excellent partner of mine in navigating the competitive environment of sourcing great talent. Over the years, we’ve built multiple teams together and Christopher has remained reliably communicative while maintaining an impeccable fulfillment record. Christopher dives into each of the businesses he serves, getting to know their operations, market, industry, and culture. He operates as an extension of the team, making our objectives his priority.”

– Cynthia Bowers – Chief People Officer at Lessen