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Hire On Your Own Terms With Direct-to-Recruiter Services

At Churchill Fox, we’ve revolutionized recruiting and taken the stress out of finding your next team member. Find out how easy hiring really can be with…


Fill out an easy application, tell us about your hiring needs, and book a time to chat directly with one of our recruiters.


On your call, we’ll review your goals, discuss your hiring needs, and talk about how we can work together.


You get qualified candidates sent directly to you from your recruiter.


You interview the talent, find the right fit for your team, and hire the role you need to reach your next goal.

Our Approach

Growing a business means growing a team-and when you’re ready to bring on new talent, you want only the most qualified candidates.
There’s no time to sift through hundreds of irrelevant resumes or hope the perfect candidate finds your listing on a cluttered job board.

At Churchill Fox, we get the right resumes on your desk without the stress and overwhelm created by other hiring methods. When you work with us, there’s…

  • No spam Linkedin messages from salespeople
  • No need to post on mass job boards
  • Lower fees, because there’s no sales team

We pair you directly with a top recruiter who knows your industry inside and out, understands exactly what you need, and can bring you a roster of cherry-picked candidates perfect for your role, often in a matter of days.

Our secret? Relationships, reputation, and a dedication to keeping things simple. We leverage our expert recruiters’ networks to directly source candidates that meet your requirements. It really is that simple.

Plus, with our direct-to-recruiter model, you pay smaller fees because we cut out the salespeople. We offer higher-quality, more premium recruiting support for a substantially lower rate than at a typical staffing agency.

Our Model

Our direct-to-recruiter model is different on purpose. Without salespeople in the middle, we’re able to provide a streamlined, personal approach to hiring. This means:

  • No annoying job boards—skip the keyword-filtered candidates and narrow your pool to a select few, perfect-fit people.
  • No upfront costs—you only pay when you hire one of our candidates.
  • Lower fees—because we cut out the sales team.
  • Direct access to an experienced recruiter—someone who understands what you need and how to find it. Period.

We’re committed to making sure you hire the right person, so you don’t pay until we place. And if you have KPIs to meet, we’re flexible enough to work with your metrics.

Simply put, we raise the bar to meet your standards. That’s why we’re sought after as the premier partner to top companies and hiring departments across the U.S.

Trusted by top companies & organizations like…

“Christopher is an excellent business partner. His overall knowledge of business combined with his understanding of different industries, company structures, and the roles within them is impressive. His network is extensive and he is able to present qualified talent very quickly. I have worked with him to place roles with multiple companies requiring all levels of experience and he has always come through. He is a consummate professional and I would highly recommend him.”

– Stephanie Helfer – Head of Expert Acquisition at

“For nearly a decade, Christopher has been an excellent partner of mine in navigating the competitive environment of sourcing great talent. Over the years, we’ve built multiple teams together and Christopher has remained reliably communicative while maintaining an impeccable fulfillment record. Christopher dives into each of the businesses he serves, getting to know their operations, market, industry, and culture. He operates as an extension of the team, making our objectives his priority.”

– Cynthia Bowers – Chief People Officer at Lessen

Additional Services

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